Lumber Grades

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YellaWood® is available in multiple lumber grades to meet the needs of any job. You can find the grade noted on the ink stamp that is applied by the sawmill. Most building supply stores stock only a few grades of lumber, but a wider variety of grades can be special ordered.

Here we explain the most common grades of YellaWood® and the differences among them.

Dimensional Lumber

Typically wood that is two or more inches thick is graded for strength, denoted by #1, #2 and so on. And because stronger lumber has fewer and smaller knots, it's typically more attractive. So the general rule of thumb for lumber grades is this: the lower the number, the more strength and better appearance.

#1 Grade Lumber

- Has smaller and fewer knots

- Recommended for applications where high strength and good appearance is desired

#2 Grade Lumber

- Has more knots and bark edges

- Used mainly for non-appearance applications

Prime Grade

Prime grade products provide same structural properties, but with an emphasis on appearance. So a 2 Prime (#2P) grade has the strength of a #2, but will look prettier.


A popular choice for decking is 5/4" (five-quarter inch) deck boards. These are graded for both strength and appearance.

You'll find deck boards in Standard and Premium grades, with Premium providing the best finish. 

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