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Yes. We're best known for providing YellaWood® brand pressure treated pine, but our dealers enjoy knowing that our trucks bring them treated lumber and so much more. Composite decking? Check. Fiber cement siding? Yup. Fasteners? We got those too. Why make multiple calls to multiple vendors when you can get it all in one haul?

Check out our wide variety of distributed products and ask your YellaWood® representative  about availability in your region.

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Extensive Advertising Drives Demand

No other treated lumber has the consumer recognition that our YellaWood® brand does. In fact, it's so famous that homeowners ask for it by name. We've developed this brand through a disciplined approach to reaching homeowners and contractors through a fully integrated marketing mix, including television, digital, billboards, print, and social media. So, why do we advertise? It's pretty simple, actually: To build brand preference and to drive customers to your stores.

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We Drive Traffic to Your Stores

One of the benefits of an industry-leading marketing strategy is the incredible amount of web traffic it generates. Thanks to our online dealer locator, finding your store couldn't be easier. In fact, our locator generated nearly a million searches last year alone. That's a lot of work boots heading to your store.

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Nobody Does Logistics Like We Do

Thanks to our relationship with sister-company Greenbush Logistics, Inc., a fleet of company-owned trucks and trailers (and hundreds of select contract carriers) is standing by to help you succeed with Just-In-Time Inventory Management. When it comes to getting product when you need it, there's no scrambling to find trucks. We treat it, load it and deliver it.

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We Put Technology to Work

As an industry leader, dealers expect us to be on the cutting edge of technology, and our online dealer portal is just one example of how we lead the field in harnessing the convenience and power of the Internet. This online tool provides dealers with access to product photos, descriptions, and selling features 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means you never have to miss a sales opportunity.

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Industry Experience? We've Got That!

There's no replacement for experience, and our team of seasoned sales reps has over 1300 years combined. That translates into a wealth of product knowledge that can be shared with new employees and a great collaboration tool to help your customers feel confident in the building materials they've selected for their project. And when it comes to sourcing those off-the-wall product requests, our seasoned crew of professionals stands ready to help find what you need when you need it. We've assembled the best team in the business, and they've got your back.

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From the Lumberyard to the Backyard

Some of the other guys believe their job ends with the delivery truck. Not us. We believe that the greatest opportunity to prove our worth is through our actions after the delivery. This is where we take support to the next level. We assist your team as they work with contractors and homeowners on product selection, installation questions and jobsite visits when necessary. We don’t do the drop-and-dash; we’re in this for the long haul.

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We Go the Extra Mile

A dedicated sales representative will work hand in hand with your team bringing them up to speed on new products, checking inventory, providing point-of-purchase material and assisting with customer events.  They'll be in your stores so often your customers will think they work for you. Which is okay with us, because we believe they do. It won't take you long to see why nobody does store support like we do.

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Only the Best

YellaWood® brand products are treated with the most advanced preservatives available in the industry, which means they're built to last. And thanks to strong relationships with the broadest mix of sawmills in the industry, we can source a wide variety of sizes, lengths and grades. You tell us what your customers want, and we'll get it.

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Let's Talk

Our team is ready to share our world-class support with you and your business. Let us show you the Great Southern difference.