YellaWood® Outdoor Building Project Plans

Build a Corn Hole

Estimated Cost: $$$$


Total: 4 hours

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The simple construction of this outdoor activity makes it an ideal weekend or even after-work project.

All dimensions are specced to the American Cornhole Organization's (ACO) regulations.

The set features handle cutouts so you can easily carry both boards to wherever you choose to play.

Using just a few YellaWood® boards and some plywood, the game takes shape in a few steps.

Before you get started, please read our info on safety, fasteners and building tips.

Before building, please consult our Terms of Use.

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  • (4) 2" x 4" x 8' (actual 1½" x 3½" x 8')
  • (1) 4' x 8' x ½" plywood
  • ½ lb box 2½" wood screws
  • (20) 1½" wood screws
  • (4) 4" long x ⅜" carriage bolts
  • (4) ⅜" washers
  • (4) ⅜" wingnuts
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  • A. (4) 3½ x 1½ x 48"
  • B. (4) 3½ x 1½ x 21"
  • C. (4) 3½ x 1½ x 13" w/ an angle cut at 29˚
  • D. (2) 3½ x 1½ x 18"
  • E. (2) 24" x 48" x ½"

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Chop Saw (or hand or circular saw)
Chop Saw (or hand or circular saw)
Table saw
Table saw
⅜" drill bit at least 5" long
⅜" drill bit at least 5" long
Jig saw
Jig saw
Clamps (two at least 12" long)
Clamps (two at least 12" long)
Measuring tape
Measuring tape
Sanding block
Sanding block
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arrow arrow arrowSteps 1-3

  1. 1

    Cut parts (A) and (B) to size. You can also cross-cut all the pieces in the Cutlist. The following instructions assume that the base-line cuts have been made.

  2. 2

    We’ll begin with the handle cutout, to be placed on one of the long sides of the frame. First, draw trapezoid outline to dimension using Page 3, then ease the points into curves as shown.

  3. 3

    Then use a jigsaw to cut on this line, creating a handle.

arrow arrow arrowStep 4-6

  1. 4

    To make the frame, arrange parts (A) and (B) on a flat surface in a rectangle as shown. Keep the edges flush and the angles at 90° (use a square to ensure right angles).

  2. 5

    Tip: When arranging the rectangle frames for both sets, put the two (A)s with the handle cutout in a mirroring orientation so, when fully assembled, the plywood board will be toward the inside of the person carrying the set.

  3. 6

    Use two 2 ½" wood screws at each corner to attach the boards to each other.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 7-9

  1. 7

    At the bottom of part (C), mark a line at a 29˚ angle from one of the corners. You can also use a compound miter saw to dial in to 29˚ if you have one.

  2. 8

    Cut along this line with a miter saw or chop saw.

  3. 9

    At the top of part (C), mark a point that is 1 ¾" from the top and 1 ¾" from the edges. This is the center of the circle.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 10-12

  1. 10

    Using a compass, draw a semi-circle with a 1 ¾" radius.

  2. 11

    Cut along the circle line with a jigsaw.

  3. 12

    Using a ⅜" drill bit, make a hole at the center of the circle you marked.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 13-15

  1. 13

    On the outside of part (A), mark a point 4" from the left edge and 1 ¾" from the top edge.

  2. 14

    Tip: Direct-measure your board stock’s width and use half of this number in place of the 1 ¾" for a more precise mid-point. 1 ¾" is based on a 3 ½"-width 2x4.

  3. 15

    Using a ⅜" drill bit, make a hole at this point.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 16-18

  1. 16

    Connect a part (C) to part (A) with a ⅜" carriage bolt. Use a hammer if needed.

  2. 17

    Install the washer and wingnut to secure the angled supports.

  3. 18

    Repeat these steps on the other side of the frame to attach the second angled support.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 19-21

  1. 19

    Position part (D) between parts (C), making sure that it is about an inch off the work surface.

  2. 20

    Use two 2 ½" wood screws at each end to attach part (D) to parts (C).

  3. 21

    On part (E), mark a point that is 12" from the left and right edges and 9" from the top edge.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 22-24

  1. 22

    Using a compass, draw a circle with a 3" radius.

  2. 23

    At the center of the circle, drill a ⅜" hole.

  3. 24

    Insert the jigsaw blade into this hole and proceed to cut out the circle.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 25-27

  1. 25

    Place part (E) on the frame, making sure all the edges are flush.

  2. 26

    Attach at the four corners using 1 ½" wood screws. Then use screws at 12-inch intervals along the perimeter of the board.

  3. 27

    Ease any sharp edges with a medium grit sanding block. Apply preferred finish to the wood.

arrow arrow arrowStep 28

  1. 28

    Refer to for creative corn hole finishing ideas to inspire how to paint or decorate the boards.