YellaWood® Outdoor Building Project Plans

Build a Kubb Set

Estimated Cost: $$$$


Total: 3 hours

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The simple construction of this outdoor activity makes it an ideal weekend or even after-work project.

The set features one King, ten Kubbs, six Batons, and four Marking Stakes to designate the corners of the pitch and centerline.

Using just a few YellaWood® boards and some wooden rods, the game takes shape in a few steps.

The Kubbs are ripped and cross-cut from 4x4 stock, the King is a 4x4 with a decorative top to designate a crown, and the wooden rods in two diameters create the Batons and Marking Stakes.

After each piece is sanded and sealed, it's just a matter of setting up the game parameters before an official game can ensue.

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  • (1) 4" x 4" x 8' YellaWood® brand pressure treated pine
  • (1) 1¼" x 6' dowel
  • (1) ¾" x 6' dowel

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  • A. (1) 11 x 3½ x 3½" w/45 ̊angle cuts
  • B. (10) 6 x 2¾ x 2¾" ripped
  • C. (6) 11¾ x 1¼"
  • D. (4) 11¾ x ¾

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Chop Saw (or hand or circular saw)
Chop Saw (or hand or circular saw)
Table saw
Table saw
Measuring tape
Measuring tape
Carpenter framing square
Carpenter framing square
Radial sander
Radial sander
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arrow arrow arrowSteps 1-3

  1. 1

    Cut a 1 1⁄4" dowel to a length of 11 3⁄4" using a miter saw.

  2. 2

    Repeat until you have six Batons.

  3. 3

    Cut a 3⁄4" dowel to a length of 11 3⁄4" using a miter saw.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 4-6

  1. 4

    Sand the sharp edges to create a point at one end, creating a stake.

  2. 5

    Repeat until you have four Stakes.
    Measure the bottom of the cone- shaped point of the first one and transcribe that to the other three so you know where the base of the point is.

  3. 6

    Begin by trimming a slice off the ends of the 4x4 boards so you have clean surfaces.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 7-9

  1. 7

    Cut a 4x4 to length of 11".

  2. 8

    On the top surface, draw an X from corner to corner using a square.

  3. 9

    Placing the square along one of the faces, draw a line that intersects the center of the X. Repeat on the perpendicular face.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 10-12

  1. 10

    Next, draw 45° lines on the side of the 4x4 to create two triangles as shown. If desired, shade the resultant triangles to indicate that you will be removing them.

  2. 11

    Use a table saw with the blade set to 45° to cut along the corresponding angle line.
    Use a feather-board to aid in keeping pressure on the vertical 4x4.

  3. 12

    Repeat the cut one more time on the other angle, then rotate the 4x4 by 90° and repeat the two cuts.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 13-15

  1. 13

    The final King should look like the photo at right.

  2. 14

    Rip a 4x4 to a width of 2 3⁄4" using a table saw. You'll need to flip the piece over and cut through the remainder to achieve a clean edge. Rotate the piece 90° and repeat

  3. 15

    Next, trim the ends off of the 4x4 boards so you have clean surfaces.

arrow arrow arrowSteps 16-18

  1. 16

    Cut to a length of 6" using a miter saw.

  2. 17

    Repeat nine times until you have ten Kubbs.

  3. 18

    Ease any sharp edges with a medium grit sanding block. Apply preferred finish to the wood.