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Meet a few of our people.

Since our Leadership Development Program began in 1999, several participants have grown into a variety of positions: sales managers, supply chain managers, general managers and more.

Brian Shows

Enrolled: 1999 (our first participant)  Current Position: National Accounts Manager

"My time in the Leadership Development Program was truly an eye-opening experience. I spent time working with the end user in a customer's store, purchasing raw material, learning all aspects of production, inside and outside sales, and everything in between. This opportunity provided me with invaluable hands-on experience that served me well during my time as sales manager, in international sales and now as national accounts manager."

Justin Wright

Enrolled: 2004  Current Position: Chief Financial Officer

"During my time in the Program, I was fortunate enough to work very closely with our IT department to help with the ERP software rollout. This provided me with a chance to learn the software inside-out and, during my time as a general manager, helped me find new ways to examine our accounts and incorporate new ways to measure success and set goals for my team. Now, as Chief Financial Officer that experience helps me apply those skills on a much broader scale."

Luke Bennett

Enrolled: 2010  Current Position: Sales Manager

"When I enrolled in the Program in 2010, I wasn't sure just what I had in store. I quickly came to realize that the result was going to be a 360-degree view of how a multi-million dollar company is run. My enrollment began with production and sales in Muscle Shoals, followed by a stint in procurement at the corporate headquarters. I then filled a need in sales at our Florida plant, followed by an operations position in Jesup, Georgia. Later, I transitioned into a sales and inventory analyst in our Gulf Coast region as product manager for our piling division. In December of 2013, I returned to Florida, this time as Sales Manager. I credit the broad skillset this program offered to me for opening so many doors in the advancement of my career."

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