Find the right retention for the application.

Retention is the amount of preservative retained in the wood after treatment. The preservative used has been subjected to extensive field-testing and has proven its viability for long-term performance in some of the harshest environments in the world. It also offers proven protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack.

Retentions include:

Above Ground – Fence

Applications: Fence pickets

Above Ground – Light Duty

AWPA Use Category: UC3B

Above Ground Applications: Balusters; Spindles; Handrails; Lattice; Decking (in certain applications)

Ground Contact Applications: Not allowed

Use when:
  • Easily replaced or maintained
  • Not critical to performance and safety of structure
  • Above six inches from the ground
  • Proper ventilation and drainage

Ground Contact – General Duty

AWPA Use Category: UC4A

Above Ground Applications: Beams; Joists; Ledger Boards; Decking

Ground Contact Applications: Step Stringers; Posts

Use when:
  • Difficult to replace or maintain
  • Critical to performance and safety of structure
  • Less than six inches from the ground
  • Poor ventilation and drainage
  • Exposure to frequent wetting (freshwater, swimming pools, hot tub or sprinkler system)
  • Prolonged contact with vegetation or leaf litter

Ground Contact – Heavy Duty

AWPA Use Category: UC4B

Above Ground Applications: None

Ground Contact Applications: Posts

Use when:
  • Difficult to replace or maintain
  • Supporting a permanent structure
  • Exposure to salt water
  • Extreme climates
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