The game is a challenge, but not the build. This simple and fun outdoor game can be built after work or over a couple of weekend hours. The DIY ladder golf game takes shape in a few steps with some YellaWood® boards and PVC pipe.

The set features 2 ladders made of 1x4 stock and PVC pipes for the rungs.


Before you get started, please read our info on safety, fasteners and building tips.

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Ladder Golf Set Plan


TIME: 3 Hrs




  • Chop saw (or hand or circular saw)
  • Table saw
  • Drill/driver
  • 1/4" drill bit
  • Dado blade
  • Rotary sander
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood glue
  • 1 1/8" Forstner bit

Plan Preview


Build your own Ladder Golf game with help from YellaWood®. Our easy step-by-step project plan lays out how to make this DIY game. 

A summary of the steps is shown below: 

1 Prep. Before assembly, feel free to cross-cut all listed pieces and cut the lap joint according to the instructions.

2 Posts. Cut four 1x4s to a specified length using a miter saw. Use the width of one board to mark the end of all four boards. Also on all boards, cut a half lap joint on one end. Face the half lap cut down and drill three holes, varying in diameter and depth according to the instructions. Do this on all four boards. Sand the top corners of the posts to the designated radius. 

3 Base Legs. Cut four 1x4s to the listed length using a miter saw. Mark the boards appropriately. Using a dado blade on a table saw, cut a half lap joint in between the markings. Repeat on remaining three legs. Sand the top corners of the base legs. Apply wood glue to the half lap joints on specified parts. Arrange the parts together and clamp until the wood glue dries. Once dried, lay one assembly on its side with the holes facing up. 

4 Rungs. Cut two PVC pipes to the appropriate length. On both sides of both pipes, drill a hole according to the instructions through the pipe. Cut two PVC pipes to the listed length. 

5 Assembly. Insert the top and bottom rungs into appropriate holes. Insert the center rung into the center holes. Insert a hitch into the holes of the center rung. 

6 Finishing & Accessories. Ease any sharp edges using a radial sander or a medium grit sanding block. Apply preferred finish to the wood. Add the bolas of your choice. 

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