KDAT Installation Tips

The best available protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack.

It is very important to remember that these products are delivered dried, and additional precautions should be taken to assure these benefits are maintained through installation. Not following these installation procedures could lead to unwanted characteristics. As always, be sure you follow good building practices in construction of your project.

General Installation Tips:

  • Material should remain completely dry both before and during installation.
  • KDAT products are not intended for close-to-ground installation. Always assure maximum ventilation and airflow, and use a ground moisture barrier.


  • Pre-drill pilot holes especially close to the ends of the boards and attach with screws.
  • Decking boards should be gapped the width of an 8 penny nail (1/8"). Since the wood is already dried, it won't shrink as much as regular pressure treated wood. This gap will allow for the normal expansion and contraction of the product.

Porch Flooring:

  • Prime all six sides prior to installation. Follow finishing instructions below.
  • Do not face-nail.
  • Porch flooring should be gapped 1/32" (the thickness of a dollar bill) to allow for minor expansion.
  • KDAT porch flooring is intended for use only in covered porch applications.

Finishing Tips:

  • Material should be sealed, stained or painted before or immediately after installation.
  • Porch flooring must be primed (all six sides) prior to installation. Follow with a second coat of an oil-based porch and floor enamel.
  • For decks, apply a water repellent with UV protection as a minimum. If you choose to stain, use a penetrating stain with water repellent and UV stabilizer. For painting, use an oil-based primer followed by two coats of a latex (acrylic) paint. YellaWood Protector® Stain and Sealer >
  • Always follow the finish manufacturer's recommendations for application.
  • Test a hidden section or scrap piece of wood before finishing the entire project.

Note: The kiln-drying process requires material to be stacked on spacers that allow for adequate ventilation throughout the drying cycle. As a result, minor discoloration or striping is to be expected with the KDAT process.

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