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It would take a half-century of proven effort to replicate our partnerships. Our unrivaled dealer support comes from understanding a high-quality product means nothing if you can't get it or sell it. We've built a trusted reputation for going above and beyond to deliver the extras that make a difference.

The Yella Tag also stands for
the best partnerships.

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Benefits, And Then Some.

Driving Demand

No other treated lumber is as recognized as the YellaWood® brand. Homeowners trust the Yella Tag and ask for it by name. We continue driving demand to your stores with attention-grabbing advertising that inspires beautiful, big-ticket backyard building.

Dealer Locator

We make finding your store online easy. In fact, our dealer locator served 1.5 million dealer locations last year alone. When it comes to growing your business, nobody does more to drive work boots through your door.

Suppy Chain Control

Our Greenbush Logistics relationship means a dedicated fleet of trucks that allow us to control supply chain logistics like no other. There's no scrambling to find a carrier because we haul it all - from the trees to the mills to our treatment facilities to your stores. Since we won't be waiting around for someone else, you won't be waiting around for us.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn't end with a dependable delivery. We've got your back long after the shipment arrives. We help with contractor and homeowner questions on anything from product selection to installation inquiries. We’ll even make job site visits when necessary. We're in this together for the long haul. Contact us to become a YellaWood® Dealer.

Always Evolving

We continue evolving to better serve our dealers and increase product offerings. That includes investments and upgrades to our 15 world-class treatment facilities, all strategically located to minimize delivery times.

Sizing Up

We strive to be the best, not the biggest. But our size still gives you a distinct advantage. Our strong relationships with sawmills allow us to buy at scale and command top of the grade. This means dependable service, fast ship times, and Just-In-Time inventory management.

Hustle Without the Side Hustle

This is a relationship business, so we don't believe in cutting you out of the loop. The YellaWood® brand proves our dealer relationships are a priority through our actions. We take great pride in our 50-plus year history of only selling to dealers and not directly to end users.

The Extra Mile

Dedicated and seasoned sales representatives will work with your team bringing them up to speed on new products, checking inventory, providing point-of-purchase material, and assisting with customer events. Contact us to become a YellaWood® Dealer.

Inventory Management

Managing market risk is the key to success, and no one has your back like we do. Using the latest technology and old-fashioned boots on the ground, we monitor inventory swings and back them up with prompt delivery. Your capital won't be tied up in treated inventory.

Product Variety

YellaWood® products are available in a wide range of options. These include various grades, dimensions and lengths, and specialty treatments like factory-applied water repellents or kiln dried after treatment. Our Ground Contact treated products boast twice the protection of Above Ground treatments and eliminate the need to carry dual inventory. Plus, our commitment to third-party testing ensures your customers get building code compliant wood every time.

Distributed Products

Have it All in one Haul. A full line up of wood products is only the beginning. With one shipment, you can get a range of products including composite decking, mixed material siding, fasteners, and so much more.

Proven Experience

Our team of seasoned sales reps has over 1,300 years combined. That means a wealth of product knowledge and the ability to source off-the-wall product requests. As the best team in the business, we've got your back.

White Lumber Sales

We ship mill direct, but also stock a wide range of products in our covered warehouse. Our inventory includes 2x4 through 2x12 in 8' through 20' lengths and 1x4 and 1x6 boards in 8' through 16' lengths.

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