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We’re the leader when it comes to dealer support. From hands-on training to inventory management to just going above and beyond, the YellaWood® brand is unrivaled in the support we provide our dealers.

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Why make multiple calls to multiple vendors when you can get it all in one haul?

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Driving Demand 

No other treated lumber is as recognized as the YellaWood® brand. It’s the one consumers ask for by name. Our extensive advertising efforts build brand preference and drive traffic to your stores.

Have it all in one haul

A full line-up of YellaWood® brand pressure-treated pine is only the beginning. With one shipment you can get a range of products including composite decking, fiber cement siding, fasteners and so much more.

Dealer Locator

We make finding your store easier than ever. In fact, our dealer locator generated nearly a million searches last year alone. Nobody sends more work boots through your doors than us.


Our team of seasoned sales reps has over 1300 years combined. That means a wealth of product knowledge and the ability to source off-the-wall product requests. As the best team in the business, we've got your back.


Our support doesn’t end with a delivery. We take it to the next level by assisting you with contractors and homeowners on product selection and installation questions. Even job site visits when necessary. We’re in it for the long haul. Contact us to become a YellaWood® Dealer.

Greenbush Logistics

Our relationship with our sister-company’s fleet of trucks means there’s no scrambling to find carriers. Your shelves always stay stocked and stacked.

The Extra Mile

A dedicated sales representative works with your team bringing them up to speed on new products, checking inventory, providing point-of-purchase material and assisting with customer events. Contact us to become a YellaWood® Dealer.

Yellawood® Export

Yella tag stands for the proven protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack. The tag represents quality, and means projects will withstand the weather season after season.

White Lumber Sales

We ship mill direct, but also stock a wide range of products in our covered warehouse. Our inventory includes 2x4 through 2x12 in 8' through 20' lengths and 1x4 and 1x6 boards in 8' through 16' lengths.

Product availability varies by region