Grill Table Assembly

Assembly of your YellaWood® brand grill table will only take a few minutes and, while it can be tackled by one person, it will go faster if you work with a friend.


Begin assembling the grill table by placing the Table Top Assembly face down on a clean flat surface. Place four legs in the corners. If the pre-drilled holes don’t align, try placing the legs in different corners to get them to match up. Insert the carriage bolts, washers and nuts and tighten in place with an adjustable wrench.


The table features 3 pre-drilled holes to let you adjust the height of the shelf assembly to fit your specific grill.  Once you determine the height needed, set the Table Shelf Assembly in place and secure with bolts, washers and nuts.


You can stain or seal your grill table immediately and then, once it has dried, personalize your table with some extras like casters, a bottle cap opener or utensil hangers.

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Grill Table Assembly Plan


TIME: .25 Hrs



One (1) Table Top Assembly

One (1) Shelf Assembly

Four (4) Legs

Eight (8) Carriage Bolts

Eight (8) Washers

Eight (8) Nuts

YellaWood Protector® Stain and Sealer


Socket Wrench or Adjustable Wrench

Rubber Mallet

Cut List


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